Zip Password Recovery speed on the new GTX770-series GPU is lower than that on the old GTX570 series. Why?!

The reason is the new NVIDIA video card architecture.

Despite the high nominal number of CUDA cores in the GTX770 chip, it uses fewer cores than the GTX570 to perform hashing operations (MD5, SHA1, etc.) that data encryption is based on.

The GTX570 has 15 multiprocessors with 32 cores each, and GTX770 has 8 multiprocessors with 192 cores each. It would seem that the GTX770’s advantage is obvious. In fact, there is none!

Each core in the GTX570 can perform hashing operations (a total of 15*32 cores), while in the GTX770, only 32 out of 192 cores can do that (a total of 8*32 cores).

So it appears that the GTX770’s performance is almost two times lower than that of the GTX570 (256 cores in the GTX770 versus 480 cores in the GTX570).

Yep, that’s right: despite the higher chip version and more CUDA cores in the GTX770, we recommend using the GTX570 series for WinZip/ Zip Password Recovery.

All of the above applies to password recovery for Microsoft Office 2007-2013/ OpenOffice/ Rar/ TrueCrypt/ WPA/ Apple iOS/BlackBerry back-ups, released in Passcovery Suite.