Passcovery website enables encryption

We have finished transferring the main Passcovery domains to HTTPS, a secure communication protocol. Now, you can safely visit our websites knowing for sure all data exchange is under firm protection, and what you see on our website is exactly what we want to show you.

The guarantee of the secure connection is a security EV certificate you always see in the address bar of your browser:

Passcovery's Extended Validation Certificate

The connection automatically switches to the encrypted safe mode. The new secure https protocol is initiated even if you open your old links from favorites or follow old links on other websites

HTTPS prevents the following dangers:

  • Data exchange between the website and the user cannot be intercepted or stolen. Whenever the user opens the website, an encrypted connection is established between them and the entire data exchange then goes via the encrypted channel.
  • Data sent between the website and the user cannot be forged or modified. The user always sees what the author of the page who is also the owner of the certificate published. No third parties can change or modify the code of the page. This is what some free Wi-Fi hotspot owners do – they add their own advertising to pages downloaded by user via the open HTTP protocol. With HTTPS this is impossible.

Secure Passcovery's websites: — a universal password recovery tool with the support for AMD/NVIDIA GPU — specific password recovery tools powered by GPU — guaranteed decryption of Excel/Word 97-2003 documents based on rainbow tables