Why is AccessBack.com asking for money if "Decryption and password removal is FREE for Excel/Word 97-2003!"?

That is correct. Your Microsoft Excel (or Word) file is decrypted absolutely free. A screenshot that you will receive will prove this.

When you make sure that this is exactly the data you need and that you wish to receive the file with the data, you can pay for the service and get the decrypted file. If not, then not. You do not have to do it. The decrypted file will be deleted in 7 days.

Please note that the password-protected file was decrypted by the service and the password was removed from it. All of the above was done without any payment from you.

Here is a short video from our website:

Remove of Excel/Word passwords at AccessBack.com

The video shows all the steps of the service for decrypting Microsoft Excel and Word 97-2003 (.xls/.doc files) – AccessBack.com