Custom Scenario Files

Scenario file is in fact a simple text file in Unicode format with each scenario describing like:

[Line #1] Name of scenario
[Line #2] This scenario will be default for this list of formats identifiers
[Line #3] Attack description #1
[Line #4] Attack description #2
[Line #N] Attack description #(N-2)
[Blank line]

Name of scenario

Name of scenario can be anything up to 256 symbols long.

Formats identifiers

Formats identifiers are predefined set of 4 symbols long codes uniquely describing each format supported by this program. Right now it's possible to use following codes:

Attack description

Each attack description line follows simple syntax to define separate attack. General syntax is:

/switch1[:param1] /switch2[:param2]

Possible switches:

If there any special symbols within param it must be enclosed into double quotes. If there is a double quote symbol itself it must be duplicated, i. e.


defines charset with one symbol — double quote, while


defines charset with 6 symbols, 1-2-3-4-5 digits and double quote character.

Character \ (backslash) having special meaning, it must be followed either by backslash meaning backslash itself must be used, i. e.


defines charset with one symbols — backslash. If \ followed by x then two next symbols must be hexadecimal character code while if it's followed by X then four next symbols must be hexadecimal character code in Unicode encoding. Thus,


defines charset with two symbols — space (code = 0x20) and Russian capital letter A (code = 0x410).

This also means that file paths are looks like:


Asterisk before file name having special meaning — to use internal rules or dictionary files built-in into program.


No dictionary based attacks
/a:b /c:a /min:1 /max:3
/a:b /c:s /min:4 /max:4
/a:b /c:c /min:4 /max:4
/a:b /c:d /min:4 /max:5

Default for WinZip/AES, OpenOffice
/a:b /c:a /min:1 /max:3
/a:r /r:*1s.rul /d:*medium_en.dic
/a:b /c:csd /min:4 /max:4
/a:b /c:s /min:5 /max:5
/a:b /c:c /min:5 /max:5
/a:b /c:d /min:6 /max:7
/a:r /r:*1a.rul /d:*medium_en.dic
/a:r /r:*2s.rul /d:*medium_en.dic /d:*small_en.dic

This short scenario file describes two scenarios named "No dictionary based attacks". And second one is marked as default for OpenOffice/WinZip archives via OODF WZAE format identifier. First scenario using only brute-force attacks while second one performing some dictionary based attack with rules sets and dictionaries built-in into program.

You can also check out file named "Default scenario file.txt" in program directory for more advanced scenarios.