Why Passcovery Suite

Passcovery Suite is your all-in-one solution for recovering passwords

Supports popular file formats

Passcovery Suite is your one-stop solution for recovering passwords to your files: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Adobe PDF, RAR and ZIP formats, Apple iOS/Blackberry back-ups, TrueCrypt volumes are all supported. All in the same product. All for one reasonable price.

Passcovery Suite optimized for your CPU

Optimized for your CPU

Passcovery Suite takes password recovery speed to the next level on your Intel or AMD processor. The program's code determines your CPU type and adjusts to squeeze out the maximum performance.

Passcovery Suite accelerated on GPU

Flies on your GPU

Your computer's video card helps Passcovery Suite to go even faster. Our program uses GPU password recovery whenever possible on AMD and NVIDIA video cards.

Passcovery Suite has an easy-as-pie interface

Easy to start, quick to find

To get your password recovery off to the right start, Passcovery Suite has an easy-as-pie interface and preset password search scripts. Just click and go.






:Great software! I was able to retrieve an Excel 2010 lost password very quickly using a dictionary attack. I have tried other tools with no luck. - about Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

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