Accent ZIP Password Recovery : What does the Best ZIP Password Cracker Hide Under the Hood?

Cracking a ZIP password is a matter of quick building and brute forcing of multiple password variants.

That’s why we at Passcovery think we managed to create the best application to crack passwords to ZIP archives protected by either classic or WinZIP AES encryption. It perfectly does both.

Here are some more details you want to know. Take my words for granted, or check everything by yourself by downloading free demo versions from our website:

How to crack ZIP password? AccentZPR helps! Accent ZIP Password Recovery 4.8 Download x86
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Passcovery password cracker advantages


Yes, that’s the number one for us — performance!

We are totally obsessed with it. We are perfectionists when it comes to performance, and that urges us to optimize the source code of our applications to the virtually ideal state. Both in terms of CPU and NVIDIA/AMD cards execution.

Accent ZIP Password Recovery is not exclusion.

When we passed Intel optimization tests, the testers just couldn’t give us a single recommendation – everything was perfect from the beginning.

Ditto the GPU optimization – ZIP password cracking performance is extremely high for any up-to-date AMD and NVIDIA graphics card!

To crack passwords we recommend using NVIDIA video cards based on the Maxwell architecture (learn more).

Managing brute-force scope

As Andrew Ku pointed out in his great article written for Tom's Hardware*: mere performance is still not enough. You’ve got to throw out excessive checks too.

In AccentZPR, we’ve added password range manipulation:

  • Brute-force attack position mask. For each position of a password you can se an individual symbolic set (letters only, numbers only, specific characters) – read more in the manual
  • Controlled password mutation for a dictionary attack. Each password from a dictionary can be modified using specific rules (change letter case or character direction, remove or add characters, merge and so on) – look for more info in the manual and on our YouTube channel

Professional cracking of ZIP passwords

And for real pros, Accent ZIP Password Recovery can now create scripts to execute multiple various password cracking attacks in a row and batch process many zip archives in one go.

And there is a command line interface to perform all of these.

This means the software consequentially processes several archives using the given script without bringing up the GUI of the application. The details about about attack scripts and command line interfacecan be found in the manual.

Five reasons to pick AccentZPR to crack ZIP passwords:

  • perfect brute-force cracking performance on CPU
  • blasting acceleration on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards
  • position mask for brute-force attacks
  • controlled password mutation for dictionary attacks
  • attack scenarios and batch processing of archives

Archives cracked with AccentZPR:

  • zip archives with classic encryption (.zip files)
  • zip archives encrypted with WinZip AES (.zipx files)

We recommend taking a look at the advanced functionality of Passcovery Suite that also includes everything AccentZPR does.

Passcovery Suite is a pro-level solution to recover passwords to large number of files and documents:

  • Microsoft Office/ OpenOffice/ Adobe PDF documents
  • Zip/Rar archives
  • Apple iOS/BlackBerry OS back-ups
  • TrueCrypt volumes
  • WPA/WPA2 handshakes


A few years ago Andrew Ku wrote a decent article for Tom's Hardware. In the most clear and easy to understand way he explained a lot of password cracking aspects applicable not only to ZIP passwords but to any other strong protection (RAR/Office/Apple). Article “Harden Up: Can We Break Your Password With Our GPUs?”