Passcovery, you guys rock!

Our service,, returned a decrypted Excel file together with the VBA password to our customer living in the USA. In response to our timely and accurate service, we received her very complimentary response:

“Just want to thank you for being so responsive and turning this file around so quickly. I also want to let you know your GUI was excellent! Simple, straightforward and complete. The payment process was also perfect with several options to choose from and all links and connections working perfectly.

My short advice: DO NOT change anything!! Just sit back and stay focused on customer service :-) ...

Thank you again and all the greatest continued successes.

Cordially, Ann” – Ann E., United States

Decryption and removal of passwords in Microsoft Excel and Word is committed to decrypting a returning your Microsoft Excel and Word files within 24 hours. The "Password to Open" feature removes and restores passwords, rendering the complexity of the original password ineffective.

Guaranteed success — always 100 %!

For analysis of Microsoft Excel and Word documents locked by passwords, we use a set of own Rainbow Tables and Passcovery Suite

— our own universal password recovery program.

Here’s How It Works:

Rainbow Tables for Excel/Word in Action - Passcovery Suite

In addition to Miscrosoft’s permanent protection against file opening, there is weak password protection in all versions of Microsoft Excel and Word. It is this compromise that allows Passcovery to remove or replace those passwords instantly. Read more about Why we do not decrypt Excel/Word 2007-2016 files here.

Password Removal or Replacement

As mentioned above, besides the permanent protection against file opening in all versions of Microsoft Excel and Word documents, there is a weak password protection for which Passcovery can crack, remove or replace instantly.

Passwords That Can Be Instantly Recovered:

  • MICROSOFT Excel – Workbook password, VBA Password, Spreadsheet protection, Password to Modify
  • MICROSOFT Word – Workbook password, VBA Password, Password to Modify

Methods of Payment for Services accepts payments through its partner, PayPro Global and as Ann noticed, this is very convenient for users . PayPro Global offers a number of convenient payment methods depending on the country where you, the user, are located.

The range of methods depends on the country where the user is located.

For example, in China you can use Alipay or Tenpay to pay for services in addition to "money cards" which are available throughout China. Users from other countries will find payment methods that they are familiar with as well. All the information is provided on the order page.

Payment using these methods is perfectly safe and all transactions are secure. More importantly, we have no access to the user's – our customer’s - financial data.

You pay for the service, and Passcovery performs for you!

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Decrypt a Microsoft Excel/Word 97-2003 password-protected document and receive a snapshot of the data. Simply upload the file to

You can also repair or replace a forgotten password for files of popular formats independently. Simply download a suitable demo version of this remarkable program for password recovery