Eureka! is a perfect way to unblock Excel/Word and PDF has successfully decrypted an Microsoft Excel file for our user in Australia. That’s what he wrote about it:

“Received the file, unlocked and perfect.
Thank you very much, my son can hand in his assignment now instead of getting a fail!
Great service, I am very happy.”

Katrina L. – Perth, Australia

Author of the photo — @denglad

Unlocked and perfect files

Yes, you get a decrypted file which is exactly the same as the original one – our service keeps all the data, user macros and formatting.

The only thing missing is the document «Password to Open».

The service does not recreate a password-protected file but rather takes the encryption key and decrypts an Microsoft Excel document (as well as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF). In fact, simply re-saves the original document but without password protection.

In the end you get your file unlocked and exactly as it was when you last saved it. You don’t need to edit your file or adjust its formatting. You can immediately send it to a colleague, present to your manager or submit it to your teacher.

What can do

The online service removes opening passwords from Microsoft Excel/Word files and Adobe PDF with a 40-bit encryption key, that is:

  • Microsoft Excel 97-2000
  • Microsoft Excel 2002/XP-2003 (default protection)
  • Microsoft Word 97-2000
  • Microsoft Word 2002/XP-2003 (default protection)
  • Adobe PDF 1.1-1.3 (Adobe Acrobat 2-4)

As soon as the service receives a password-protected Excel/Word or Adobe PDF file it decrypts it, deletes the password from it and sends you the output file. Just like that:

File processing at

Now here’s the beauty of!

Success is guaranteed and does not depend on the complexity of a password (we are not looking for a password, right?). And the decryption process does not take more than 24 hours.



To find the encryption key, uses rainbow table technology and the rainbow tables prepared by Passcovery. The technology and tables are available for non-commercial use and come along with the company's products - Passcovery Suite, Ultimate License

What cannot do

Our online service can’t deal as effectively with later versions of Microsoft Excel/Word or Adobe PDF, because it is impossible to create rainbow tables for such files (and here's why).

So it DOESN'T WORK for these formats:

  • Microsoft Excel 2007-2013+
  • Microsoft Excel 2002/XP-2003 (advanced protection)
  • Microsoft Word 2007-2013+
  • Microsoft Word 2002/XP-2003 (advanced protection)
  • Adobe PDF 1.4-1.7 EL* (Adobe Acrobat 5-DC)

In these cases you have to recover your password – try all possible combinations until the right one is found. You can do it manually, word by word, or use a password-cracking tool – special software tools to recover passwords. In that case we recommend Passcovery solutions:

AccentOPR Logo Accent OFFICE Password Recovery
for Microsoft Office/OpenOffice (with GPU-enabled acceleration)
Download x86
(10116 Kb)
Download x64
(11688 Kb)
AccentPPR Logo Accent PDF Password Recovery
for Adobe PDF
Download x86
(7208 Kb)
Download x64
(8232 Kb)
Passcovery Suite Logo Passcovery Suite
for Microsoft Excel/Word, Adobe PDF and other complicated formats (with GPU-enabled acceleration)
Download x86
(18912 Kb)
Download x64
(21172 Kb)