Supported Formats

Supported Formats and Password Types

Protection RAR 1.x-2.x RAR 3.x-5.x
Password to open C/G
C – CPU Recovery; G – GPU Recovery; — not supported

C – password recovery process involves the computer's CPU. In order to maximize the process of password recovery the program uses codes specifically optimized for the specific CPU.

G – password recovery process involves all video cards installed on the computer. The program makes use of all the video cards in the computer and gets the password recovery process up to 40 times faster than that of the analogous CPU only software solutions.

— the type of protection is not supported in the current version of the software.

Note that RAR 3.x/5.x encryption is really strong and it's very unlikely that you'll be able to brute-force any passwords longer than 6-7 symbols even with modern GPUs.