Is simultaneous work of Passcovery programs on AMD and NVIDIA video cards possible? Will there be any problems caused by differences in OpenCL?

Yes, it’s possible. No, there will be none.

Simultaneous work on NVIDIA and AMD GPU’s 

All current versions of Passcovery products with GPU support can simultaneously use AMD and NVIDIA video cards installed in one system.

If GPU drivers are installed correctly and Windows detects the video cards correctly, our programs will be able to use their capabilities for faster password recovery.

Please pay attention to choosing the right license type – licenses also differ by the number of video cards supported.

Compatibility with OpenCL 

In modern AMD and NVIDIA drivers, OpenCL support is standardized and unified. That is why Passcovery products will not experience any OpenCL-related problems when using both AMD and NVIDIA cards at the same time.

GPU-assisted password recovery 

GPU support is extremely important for password recovery.

If determines the speed of password generation. The difference between a CPU and a GPU can be tenfold. 

Passcovery programs with video card support:

Demo versions of all our programs are can be downloaded for free from corresponding product pages.

Passcovery videos

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