Which kind of ZIP archives can Passcovery Suite and AccentZPR crack password for?

There’re no differences for these software, as both of them support two main ZIP archive types:

  • ZIP 2.0 format archives created by any archiver in classic encryption
  • WinZip AES encrypted zipX archives created in WinZip 9 and higher

WARNING! Use AMD or NVIDIA video cards to speed up the search.

There are still ZIP archives for those password crackers do not work

First of all Phil Katz created popular PKZIP 1 archiver. The next step was PKZIP 2 which is now unofficial Windows standard. Its ZIP encryption method is considered to be classic one.

This format is now used by various vendors and is checked as ZIP 2.0 for used convenience regardless of any inner changes made by creators.

For example, WinZip AES steady encryption is the advancement within ZIP 2.0 format. The developers left standard header while changing the encryption method from usual 0/8/9 — stored/deflate/deflate64 to 99. Thus older archivers’ versions provide “unknown encryption” failure instead of “unsupported format” for these files.

PKZIP went on evolving its functions and changed headers for next ZIP archive versions. For that reason you might come across ZIP files not supported by some archivers. They’re not recognized by our password recovery programs either.

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