When I purchase AccentOPR, will password recovery become faster?


The demo version does not limit the password generation speed. The program works at the maximum speed, but uses only one GPU device in the system.

You can increase the speed of password checking only by adding more video cards to your computer.

To successful password recovery, you need to restrict the checked range. In our programs, this is done with the help of:

  • a position mask for setting a strict mask
  • rule-based dictionary processing scenarios

Take a look at this article where we show how to create a password attack task.

Our YouTube channel features videos on using the powerful check range manipulation capabilities of our software:

A GPU password recovery module for recovery of Microsoft Office passwords is implemented in two products by Passcovery:

  1. A super-powerful password recovery tool for all Office/OpenOffice versionsAccent OFFICE Password Recovery for Microsoft Office
  2. GPU-assisted password recovery tool for AMD video cardsPasscovery Suite for Office/OpenOffice/Adobe PDF/RAR/Zip/WinZip/Apple iOS/Blackberry OS/TrueCrypt/WPA/WPA2

Bear in mind that everything above applies to Microsoft Office 2007-2016 documents (.docx/.xlsx files). Passwords for Excel/Word 97-2003 documents (.doc/.xls files) don't need to be recovered - they can be removed using an online service in minutes!