Can your password recovery software crack Docx files?

Unlike with Microsoft Word 95-2003 doc-files there is no 100% guarantee that docx files can be cracked as easily. That is true for both Passcovery and external solutions.

In fact your chances of cracking a password depend on how complex it is (structure and length).

Searching for a docx file password the software is continuously browsing through all possible variations until the correct combination is finally found. A smart program must be able to set the proper search range and promptly verify the data.

Here are the functional features of Passcovery solutions:

  • Extended mask – enables you to set a range of possible character values for each variable of a created password
  • Dictionary mutation – enables you to set modification rules for all the passwords in the dictionary
  • AMD/NVIDIA Graphics cards support – speeds up password recovery process by several or dozens of times

Though we can’t guarantee you successful recovery of docx files but you can be sure that our software can boost the search process to the maximum speed by making the best use of your hardware resources both at CPU and GPU levels. All you have to do is just set the search limits.

See how to do it on our YouTube channel:

Try out our software with your personal computer right now! Just install a trial version and test it.

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