AccentPPR Cracks PDF Password, But It's Not Valid and Looks Strange, With Asterisks. Why is That?

There is nothing wrong with it. That is one of the restrictions of a trial version. You can only see the first two characters of the password - the rest of it is hidden.

For example a PDF file is protected by the password “19thcenturyrocks!” As soon as the trial version of Accent PDF Password Recovery cracks the file the password will look like this: “19*************”. The same combination (two characters and an asterisk) will then be copied to the clipboard.

AccentPPR Trial Version Restrictions

Trial Version Restrictions

Evaluation versions of all Passcovery software solutions feature the following restrictions:

  • only 2 first characters are displayed
  • maximum search time limit: 30 min per session
  • inability to save process status
  • ability to use one GPU device only (if available)

Licensed versions of software have no restrictions. Click here to see the pricing options and buy the one suitable for you.

Pre-Purchase Test

You are welcome to download a trial version and test Passcovery software solutions, assess their performance characteristics and functional features.

Performance Test

In order to try out the software efficiency you should create a test file and enable its password protection. Have the password cracked by the program. The software will crack the password and display the first two characters of it.

That’s how you test the software operability.

NOTE: the method is not applicable in the case of password protection that can be instantly removed without searching for password (e.g. VBA-password, workbook password etc.) and for password-collisions with instant detection of duplicates (password to protect Excel spreadsheets). In that case the software will immediately inform you that a password can be easily removed or recovered however it will differ from the original one (that is to say there is no point in even displaying the first two characters).

Evaluation of Program Features

Get to know the software by fiddling with the search settings while cracking your “work file” — create an extended mask, try out a dictionary-based attack scenario, and then start the search.

In the trial version there are no restrictions on either attack settings or settings for the searching speed.

The software features enable you to appreciate the flexibility of search range manipulation and see the actual speed of the password searching process.

Useful Links

Accent PDF Password Recovery recovers Open Passwords (User password) and Permissions Passwords (Master password) in Adobe PDF files. Software supports all PDF file versions.

Passcovery Suite — professional utility for password recovery. Supports NVIDIA/AMD graphic cards and all Excel versions. Compatible with Excel/Word 97-2003 rainbow tables

Passcovery YouTube channel contains videos about Passcovery programs capacities along with a set of special tricks for you to use