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Am I correct to say that your programs will unlock passwords for all Microsoft Office documents for my computer?
I'd like to recover the password and carry out a dictionary attack. Can I choose my dictionary and check it?
Can your programs generate a symbol alternation password ([09][AZ][09][AZ].. etc like 0A1B...)?
Does Accent ZIP Password Recovery recovers passwords set for 7-Zip archives (*.7z)?
How can I organize a password search for full TrueCrypt devices/partitions?
How to enable encryption key searching or use rainbow tables in a password attack scenario?
Can I combine words from different dictionaries and use the result for a dictionary attack?
The open file password for my Word 2000 document has 8 digits and a letter at the end. Can it help remove the lost password?
Does your Zip password remover support files created in PKZIP by PKWARE?
Is it safe enough to password protect an important Excel document, or is it better to somehow provide additional protection for it?
Can your programs find the first 4 characters of my long password? I will recall the rest when I see the beginning.
I have received a decrypted file from AccessBack. Please send me the password for the original document.
Do you guarantee that the AccentZPR will break ZIP password?
I am restoring an Microsoft Access password. Why does my attack button remain inactive after I select an .mdb file?
When I purchase AccentOPR, will password recovery become faster?
Which Program Should I Choose to Crack a VBA Password?
Can your password recovery software crack Docx files?
AccentPPR Cracks PDF Password, But It's Not Valid and Looks Strange, With Asterisks. Why is That?
Excel Password Cracker Found a Sheet Protection Password. But It Is Different Than the Original One. Why?
Brute Force Attack is Faster Than a Dictionary Attack. When and Why?
How to Open Encrypted Word Files
Problems with Apple iOS 10.2+ Backup Password Recovery
Breaking Excel Sheet Passwords: Using Software and Manual Methods