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The open file password for my Word 2000 document has 8 digits and a letter at the end. Can it help remove the lost password?

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You bet it can! You know the password structure and simply must use an attack with an extended mask, not just a brute force attack.

The mask for your case is: ?d*d?s

The program will now substitute digits for all positions of the password being generated, except for the last one, where letters will be used instead.

It will take the program a couple of minutes to find the password.

Remove lost word password with extended mask

This hold true for all passwords (Excel-PDF-RAR-ZIP-TrueCrypt), not just passwords for Word documents. 


Attention! If you are dealing with a Word 97-2003 document (with a 40-bit encryption key), you don't even need to break the password. will help you decrypt the document in minutes regardless of the complexity of the password.

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