My password is 8-10 characters long. It starts with a capital letter and ends with a number. How do I set these conditions to crack the password using your software?

In our products, password parameters are configured in the Extended Mask mode (the same principle applies to all programs, and we are using Accent OFFICE Password Recovery in this case study).


Step-by-step instruction

Step 1. Start the program and select your file:

Select password-protected file


Step 2. Select the "Brute-force with Extended Mask" option:

Select brute-force attack with extended mask


Step 3. Specify the password length (8-10 characters) and the set of characters for the first and last positions of the password (?c*0?d):

Set the mask and start password cracking


Step 4, last one. Click Finish and wait for the result.



Password mask explained

The mask that you should use is ?c*0?d. Here’s what it means:

  • ?c – the password starts with a capital letter
  • *0 – all unspecified positions (second to the last but one) will contain characters from the first set of characters (by default, these are capital and small letters ?c?s, but you can define your own set)
  • ?d – the last character is always a number 


Password cracking speed 

The speed depends on your computer’s performance. Use your video card(s) to increase the speed of password generation and reduce the password cracking time. 

Our programs work with AMD and NVIDIA video cards.



By the way, if your file is in the Excel/Word 97-2003 format, you don’t need to waste time recovering the password – it can be easily removed in a few minutes at