I am restoring an Microsoft Access password. Why does my attack button remain inactive after I select an .mdb file?

Accent ACCESS Password Recovery restores passwords for Access .mdb files instantly, right after you select a file. No attacks are launched at that time. 

This is why the attack button remains inactive.

In other words, if the program finds a password for opening an Access database in an .mdb file it immediately displays it in this window:

Crack Access password instantly with AccentAPR

If this doesn't happen, please contact technical support to determine why Accent ACCESS Password Recovery is not working correctly with your Access file.

Please keep in mind that AccentAPR only works with mdb/mde files (Microsoft Access 95-XP).

Use Accent OFFICE Password Recovery to search for passwords in accdb files (Microsoft Access 2007-2013). This program is guaranteed to process passwords at high speeds and features three kinds of password attacks:

  • Brute force attack
  • Mask/expanded mask attack
  • Dictionary attack

We offer a free demo version that you can use to familiarize yourself with our program's features.