Is password breaking accelerated on the GPU with an increase in videocard memory?

No, it will not be accelerated. The amount of videocard memory does not affect in any manner the speed of password breaking of passwords.

For password recovery on the GPU, the videocard memory (as well as the computer's main memory) is practically not used — of the entire multigigabyte array, only a few kilobytes or megabytes of memory participate.

Here, other characteristics of the GPU are more important — the core count of the videocard and their operating frequency. The product of these two dimensions is an indicator of GPU throughput for breaking passwords. The higher this figure, the better the GPU is for password recovery (without regard to the cost and power efficiency of the videocard).

That is, if you compare the AMD Radeon RX 480 and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 from the point of view of password breaking speed, the GTX1080 is faster not because it has 8Gb memory vs 4Gb in the RX480. It is faster because it has more computing kernels and they operate at a higher clock rate.

GPU Password Recovery. AMD RX480 vs NVIDIA GTX1080?

For breaking passwords, you will find detailed information on AMD/NVIDIA videocard performance in a rating sheet on Passcovery's site..

Password recovery on the GPU

Videocards considerably increase (sometimes by factors of ten) the password search speed. The large number of computing kernels and high clock speed of operation are ideally suited for this task. Learn how to choose a videocard for password breaking and get the most for each dollar invested, here.

And that is what is even more important — the password recovery program.

Your new supercharged Porsche will hardly demonstrate everything that it is capable of, if Granny is behind the wheel. Same here. The program should not simply operate with the videocard, but squeeze everything out of it all to the last stroke.

This is why we recommend Passcovery Suite, a program ideally optimized for speed, which guarantees the best password search speed on any computer.

Passcovery Suite restores passwords for:

  • Microsoft Office/OpenOffice/Adobe PDF documents
  • Rar/Zip archives
  • Apple iOS/Blackberry OS backups
  • TrueCrypt volumes
  • WPA/WPA2 handshakes

We have a demo version on the site, and there are no restrictions of password search speed. Check the speed with your own password-protected file:

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for Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Adobe PDF, ZIP, RAR, TrueCrypt, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, WPA
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