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What is the max length of a dictionary word that AccentRPR supports for dictionary-based attacks? Article rated 3.3/5.0
The max length of a word is currently limited to 28 characters. This limitation is dictated by the nature of the format used. For RAR files, the 28-character limitation is attributed to a bug in the ...
Does the header encryption in RAR influence the speed of password recovery? Article rated 3.7/5.0
Yes, greatly. If you're trying to attack very large archive without header encryption you can face problems from the CPU side -- archive decryption and unpacking done wholly on CPU and 4xGPUs can simp...
Recovering the Password For a Multivolume RAR Archive Article rated 2.9/5.0
Summary Before starting to recover a password for a multivolume archive in RAR3 format, Accent RAR Password Recovery combines all the volumes in a single file and then begins its attack of the new la...
Disabling scanning of PPMd blocks in RAR archives Article rated 3.3/5.0
Summary When recovering the password for a large RAR archive, Accent RAR Passw
It is said on the webpage of AccentRPR that Rar 3.х is supported. Will the program work with archives created in WinRar 2.90? Article rated 3.4/5.0
Version format (RAR 3.x) but not the format of the archiver is specified in our description. Rar 3.x  format is now supported in WinRar 2.90 and is used in the current versions of WinRar (http://...
RAR password recovery. Why so slow? And why is the “Current speed” incorrect? Article rated 3.6/5.0
This is a peculiarity of these archives. The RAR password recovery scheme is different from others and allows miscalculations while estimating the speed of password recovery tools (
You say your product for cracking RAR passwords is the fastest, but it it doesn't seem fast at all. What gives? Article rated 3.6/5.0
Everything is fine. RAR is doing exactly what it's supposed to do - reliably protecting encoded data. That includes protection algorithms that defend against quickly cracking passwords. This makes ...
RAR Password Cracking Explained Article rated 4.2/5.0
Cracking a RAR file is no easy task as it takes a lot of time, a very powerful computer and, last but not least, highly efficient software program which is truly an ace up your sleeve. RAR password...
Cracking a virus-caused RAR password Article rated 3.3/5.0
Q: Malware put my work files into a password-protected RAR archive. Can AccentRPR crack this password? A: Basically, chances are very thin. Look, most likely malware uses a long a
Specifics of cracking RAR files with graphics cards Article rated 3.8/5.0
Here at Passcovery we compare different GPUs and present a ranking based on their password recovery performance. Basically our ranking is an unbiased chart of the best GPUs to crack p

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