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Cracking a virus-caused RAR password

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Q: Malware put my work files into a password-protected RAR archive. Can AccentRPR crack this password?

A: Basically, chances are very thin.

Look, most likely malware uses a long and complex password that cannot be cracked by bruteforce method point blank. Cracking RAR password is sloooow. It takes ages even on a top-notch computer. You can read the theory on RAR password recovery here.

However, Accent RAR Password Recovery can help a lot if you know something about the password. We had a case in the past when the password to a RAR archive was like “abbbabaabaaababb”. Despite it was long, AccentRPR was able to effortlessly crack it using a limited character set for a password guesses.

In your case, try to find out what symbols and/or sensible words the password may have. Google for similar cases. May be someone already faced this problem before with this particular or similar malware and published the password when the issue resolved. Not that your password is the same (but who knows), but you may come to an idea of some rules and patterns in the password. Then, you should simply specify those rules in AccentRPR.

So, if you know something about the password – Accent RAR Password Recovery can crack it, because it is arguably the best RAR password cracker out there. With its high-speed GPU-powered operation (AccentRPR boosted via AMD/NVIDIA GPUs), lots of password range options and powerful dictionary and mask attacks, the program can drill through millions of password variants and successfully find the correct one faster than anyone else.

The AccentRPR demo is available for free download on the Passcovery website:

AccentRPR - RAR password cracking software Accent RAR Password Recovery 3.5 Download x86
(9324 Kb)
Download x64
(10136 Kb)

Learn how to use it from this video:

On the other hand, if you know nothing about the password, unfortunately you will have to pay to malware authors. Cracking a long RAR password without any intelligence about its structure is a waste of time.

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