Currently getting an estimate of 79 days to crack an excel sheet password lol!

Sure, Dean, what did you expect? That’s the whole point of protection – to prevent simple hacking by merely trying all possible variants one by one. That is why each new version of Microsoft Excel features slower password validation procedure than before. And that is why brute-force attacks become slower too.

To quickly crack a password you need at least some knowledge of it. This allows you to adjust the range of password checks:

  • create masks to attack the password (specify possible symbols for each password character position — see example)
  • create dictionary mutations (merge dictionaries together, modify characters and so on — video)

And our software can do this all! You can find examples in our knowledge base and video tutorials:

So, AccentOPR allows you to get rid of unnecessary checks and to perform all others much faster.

AccentOPR logo Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 9.4 Download x86
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And if it is OK for you to rely on a run-of-the-mill protection, encrypt your data into Microsoft Excel 97 format with a 40-bit key. Then, whatever the password is, will simply decrypt the document. 100% guarantee.

But what is the purpose of such protection?..

And, of course, we strongly recommend using a video card to crack Microsoft Excel/PowerPoint/Word 2007-2016 passwords. You can find performance estimation when using AMD/NVIDIA GPU at the Passcovery website.