Command line

Passcovery Suite supports command line parameters. General syntax is:

PasscoverySuite.exe /switch1[:param1] /switch2[:param2] FileName

Possible switches:

  • /sp defines starting point within range of passwords (inclusive), default value == 0%;
  • /ep defines ending point within range of passwords (exclusive), default value == 100%;
  • /sc:[Filename] or /scenario:[Filename] defines scenario file to use (this switch overwrites default program's settings);
  • /log:[Filename] defines log file — all program's output will be written to this file. If this file exists — information will be added. Default value is — FileName_result.txt;
  • /wmin or /minimize minimize program's window after start;
  • /ewd exit when done;
  • /prs:[Filename] write attack status to this file (this switch overwrites default program's settings).

If there any special symbols within param they must be enclosed into double quotes. If there is a double quote symbol itself it must be duplicated, for example:

/log:"Log file.txt"

sp and ep values can be either absolute values within range of passwords to check or percentage values. Absolute values can be decimal or hexadecimal (h or H suffix must be used for hexadecimals). Percentage values marked with % suffix. Percentage values can contain fractional parts.

FileName can either be raw file to attack (*.doc, *.xls, *.ipd, etc) or status file (*.prs). Status files contains information about attack range and starting point, so it is not needed to provide these values when using status file as command line parameter. But if presents /sp and /ep values overwrites status file settings.


PasscoverySuite.exe word8.doc
PasscoverySuite.exe /sp:1.75% /ep:99.875% word8.doc
PasscoverySuite.exe /log:info.txt /ewd bb9800.ipd
PasscoverySuite.exe /log:info.txt /ewd /sc:"bbb5.txt" /sp:5% /ep:15% bb9900.ipd
PasscoverySuite.exe /ewd /wmin LastSavedPRS.prs
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