Open any password-protected Word or Excel document in just a few minutes

No need to search for forgotten passwords for Microsoft Word/Excel 97-2003 documents. Passcovery Suite can recover the data from password-protected documents.

Actually, it just quickly and accurately decrypts the documents.

We have released Passcovery Suite 2.0. We added new features for working with Microsoft Office documents, to help you restore access to protected Word and Excel documents:

  • It provides a 100 percent guarantee of success
  • It doesn’t matter how complex is the password
  • It takes only a few minutes!

Depending on the type of your license, Passcovery Suite may use one of these technologies:

  1. “Instant” decryption based on our original rainbow tables
  2. Search for the decryption key in the document itself

Anyway, no password is needed for decryption, which always saves time!

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Decryption of a Word or Excel document saves time

In case of a brute force attack, password search time directly depends on the complexity of the password. The more complex the password, the more time it takes to check all its possible values and finally find it.

But when decryption is used, password complexity is irrelevant! You simply don’t need the password.

What you need to decrypt a document, is the decryption key.

Using the key, Passcovery Suite can decrypt any password-protected Word or Excel document. The application creates an exact copy of the original document, only without password protection. The decryption itself takes just a few seconds. To see how it happens in real time, watch this video:

Encryption key

The peculiarity of the algorithm used for password-protecting Microsoft Office 97-2003 documents is a short encryption key. Its length is just 40 bits. That is, there are only 240 possible key values. It’s quite possible to search through all of them for one password-protected document, or to pre-calculate them if you need to get access to many documents.

Both ways of getting the decryption key are implemented in Passcovery Suite:

  1. Search for the decryption key in our original rainbow tables
  2. Search for the decryption key in the document itself

Search for the decryption key in the rainbow tables

We have created a set of rainbow tables for Word/Excel 97-2003 documents. The tables contain compressed, ready-to-use decryption key values.

Passcovery Suite finds a match for a password-protected Word/Excel document in the table, retrieves the decryption key, and simply decrypts the document. The search-and-decryption process is always successful and usually takes just a few minutes.

It is advisable to use the rainbow tables if you need to get access to many password-protected documents (for example, if you work for a law enforcement agency).

To use the rainbow tables, you must have the Ultimate License. The full size of the set of tables is 14 GB. We provide the tables in electronic form, to be downloaded via FTP from our server.

Search for the decryption key in the document itself

Passcovery Suite lets you find the decryption key in any password-protected Word or Excel document. To do that, the application searches through all possible key values. (There are only 240 of them, and it doesn’t matter how complex is the password.)

Surely, this approach is slower than the one based on the rainbow tables, but it is still much faster than direct enumeration.

Such kind of search for the decryption key is recommended if you need to restore access to just one or two documents, provided that you are not pressed for time.

Passcovery Suite features

High-speed search for the decryption key and “instant” decryption of Word/Excel 97-2003 documents are only two of Passcovery Suite’s many impressive features.

Passcovery Suite probably uses the fastest password-search algorithms for many files and formats. Whenever possible, it supports GPU-accelerated password recovery using AMD or NVidia video cards, to make search tens of times faster.

GPU-accelerated password recovery is supported for:

  • Microsoft Excel 2007–2013
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007–2013
  • Microsoft Word 2007–2013
  • OpenOffice (all versions of the format)
  • Zip archives (classic encryption and WinZip AES encryption)
  • RAR archives (3.x format)
  • Apple iOS 4.x/5.x backups (used in iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch and all versions of iPad)
  • BlackBerry 5.x/6.x backups (used in BB Curve, BB Bold, BB Torch, etc.)
  • TrueCrypt volumes (used for data encryption)
  • WPA/WPA2 handshakes (used for security purposes in WiFi networks)

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Press-Release: Passcovery Suite 2. Open any protected Word/Excel document in a few minutes

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