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We encourage everyone to try out Passcovery's products. That is the best, no-risk way to see for yourself how effective our programs are. We are confident that they are just what you're looking for.

Please download and install one of the following Passcovery products:

PasscoverySuite Icon Passcovery Suite
  (Version 3.7, Windows OS)
x867624 Kb

AttentionImportant: Due to patent restrictions we are unable to sell GPU licenses to users in the U.S. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The demo versions are feature-limited:

  • displays only two first symbols in the password
  • attacks cannot be run longer than for 30 minutes
  • not saves a Password Recovery Status file
  • uses only single GPU device

To remove these restrictions, buy a license to the full version of the program.

Uninstalling programs

The demo versions of our programs are installation packages certified with a digital signature from Passcovery.

When installing the demo version on a user's computer, the Windows installer creates a link on the system for full removal of the program and all of its components.

Any Passcovery program can be uninstalled with the standard procedure, through the Control Panel, as described in the Windows help section: Uninstall or change a program.