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Password Recovery with Passcovery Programs

Effective software solutions to the problem of lost or forgotten passwords

  • Recover passwords of popular file formats:
    • Microsoft Office, OpenOffice/LibreOffice and Adobe PDF documents
    • RAR/WinRAR and Zip/WinZip archives
    • Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS backup files
    • TrueCrypt volumes
    • WPA/WPA2 "handshakes"
  • Guaranteed high speed while searching password with strong protection
  • Flexible range customization options
  • Acceleration on NVIDIA and/or AMD graphics cards
Passcovery programs for password recovery


Developed since 1999 under the name Accent Password Recovery


Software developing company established in Saint Petersburg in 2008


Awesome triad: high speed, search customization, GPU acceleration

Key features and benefits of Passcovery Solutions

Passcovery programs make use of all CPU cores at full 100% load

High-speed recovery of strong passwords

Recovery of a strong password is a brute force attack aimed at finding the lost or forgotten password from a given range of words.

Passcovery programs use a highly optimized source code and guarantee the best speed of brute force while recovering a strong password on any modern Intel or AMD processor.

GPU acceleration on NVIDIA/AMD

Passcovery solutions support acceleration on NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards and engage the GPUs in the password recovery process. The programs use all the GPUs available in a single Windows system and drastically reduce the time of brute force attack.

Passcovery programs support acceleration on NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards
Extended (positional) mask in AccentZPR

Effective range customization options

High speed of brute force attack is a necessary but insufficient condition for successful recovery of strong passwords. You can further cut the search time by reducing the range of passwords to try.

Passcovery programs have the following search optimization options:

  • brute force with extended mask attack – allows you to define sets of possible values individually for each position in the generated password – (see examples)
  • dictionary attack with merging and mutation options – allows you to combine up to 4 dictionaries and change passwords according to the defined mutation rules) – ()
  • attack scenarios – allows you to pre-configure and sequentially perform password attacking algorithms, no matter how of complex they might be

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Passcovery Solutions for Password Recovery

Passcovery Suite logo

Passcovery Suite

products to recover passwords of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Adobe PDF documents, Zip and RAR archives, Apple iOS and Blackberry OS backup files, TrueCrypt volumes, and WPA/WPA2 "handshakes"

more details and demo version

AccentOPR logo

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice documents

more details and demo version

AccentPPR logo

Accent PDF Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Adobe PDF files of all versions

more details and demo version

AccentRPR logo

Accent RAR Password Recovery

to recover lost passwords of RAR/WinRAR files

more details and demo version

AccentZPR logo

Accent ZIP Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Zip and WinZip files

more details and demo version

AccentEPR logo

Accent EXCEL Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Microsoft Excel files of all versions (.xls/.xlsx)

more details and demo version

AccentWPR logo

Accent WORD Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Microsoft Word files of all versions (.doc/.docx)

more details and demo version

Customer Feedback

Thank you for helping me with my password issue with my 2010 Excel. It saved me many HOURS of recreating my work.

– about Accent EXCEL Password Recovery

Impressive piece of software!

– about Accent ZIP Password Recovery

I've used numerous password recovery programs in my career of 30+ years but Accent OFFICE Password Recovery application is by far the best one I've used. Most people don't want to spend the time to brute force the password, they just want to get in and either open the document or un-protect it. You can always change the password afterwords.

I was surprised at how fast it worked and especially that it allowed me to un-protect.

Great product that really works from a company that actually followed up to make sure I didn't have any issues.

I give you an A++++++ for product value and an A++++++++++++++++++++++ for customer support.

– about Accent OFFICE Password Recovery