Passcovery News

March 2, 2023: Passcovery update 23.03 is out now: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40/AMD RX 7000, advanced GPU acceleration and other benefits

January 28, 2022: Passcovery Password Recovery Software Updated to Version 22.01.

December 28, 2020: Passcovery Suite 20.12: GPU Acceleration on AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series is Already Here

October 2, 2020: Passcovery announces a global update of its entire line of password recovery solutions with a new unified index – 20.09

March 6, 2020: The all new Passcovery Suite 3.8 is finally out. See what's new in the professional tool for password recovery on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards

March 5, 2020: New versions of Passcovery password recovery solutions are out now

09/13/2019. Passcovery Suite 3.7 is a comprehensive all-in-one solution that ensures high-speed password recovery for many popular formats

10/01/2018. Passcovery Suite 3.6 is out

06/27/2017. Passcovery announces release of Passcovery Suite 3.5

10/10/2016. Passcovery Suite 3.4: Support for AMD GCN videocards has been expanded

07/21/2016. The rating of AMD/NVIDIA video cards for password recovery has been updated

06/29/2016. Passcovery Suite 3.3: blazingly fast password recovery is now available on NVIDIA GeForce 1070/1080 too

12/04/2015. Passcovery Suite 3.2 – Enhanced Support for GPU NVIDIA Maxwell/AMD GCN and Additional Rainbow Tables

01/05/2015. Passcovery Suite 3.1 – Recover passwords for different files using the power of AMD or NVIDIA video cards

04/29/2014. Passcovery Suite 3.0 – Professional Password Recovery Using Graphics Cards. Now for Adobe PDF

04/26/2013. Passcovery Suite 2.1: NVIDIA Titan/Tesla graphics cards, Password Mutation Rules Editor, Chinese language interface

12/12/2012. Passcovery Suite Update: Now with Finnish Language and Information on Rainbow Tables

11/22/2012. Passcovery Suite 2 supports rainbow tables for Microsoft Word/Excel 97-2003

08/30/2012. Passcovery Suite 1.2 recovers Microsoft Office 2013 passwords

07/06/2012. Passcovery Suite 1.10 works on NVIDIA 6XX video cards

05/16/2012. Passcovery Suite 1.0 officially announced

04/05/2012. Passcovery Suite 1.0 beta 2 supports AMD GCN

03/13/2012. Private beta testing of Passcovery Suite is opened up