Recover and Remove Adobe PDF Passwords

Passcovery Suite instantly removes Permissions password and guarantees high-speed recovery of Document open password. Compatible with all Adobe PDF files (created in Acrobat 2-XI).

Also offering accelerated speeds with AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards.

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  • Full support for Adobe PDF format. Works with any PDF files create in Adobe Acrobat 2-XI with standard encryption
  • Recovers and removes passwords at top speed. Optimized source code improves software performance
  • GPU acceleration. For PDF files compatible with Acrobat 6 format, Passcovery Suite recovers User passwords even faster using any of the latest GPUs from AMD or NVIDIA
  • Custom password generation. Program offers original custom tools for altering the range of tested passwords.
  • Fast start. Download Passcovery Suite and get started right away – no thick instruction manuals or steep learning curve

for Adobe PDF

Encryption / Version Document open password (User password) Permissions password (Master password) Encryption key searching
Adobe PDF Acrobat 2-4 (RC4 40-bit) C•*C/RT
Acrobat 5-8 (RC4 128-bit, AES-128) G•*-
Acrobat 9-DC (AES-256) C•*-
•* - instant recovery   C - CPU recovery   RT - rainbow tables   G - GPU recovery   - - not supported


  • Supports all versions of Adobe PDF and other formats (Apple iOS/BlackBerry OS, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Adobe PDF, Zip, Rar, TrueCrypt, WPA/WPA2) (full list)
  • Always the fastest recovery for PDF Document open passwords (speed tests)
  • Instantly removes Master password and any limitations (copy, print, or other actions)
  • Runs on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards for accelerated recovery of Document open passwords to PDF files compatible with Acrobat 6
  • Uses rainbow tables for guaranteed decryption of User password-protected PDF files created in Acrobat 2-4
  • Offers known time to recover 40-bit encryption keys to files created in Acrobat 2-4
  • Uses three types of attack: brute force, mask and dictionary
  • Optional automated password recovery using pre-set scenarios (?)
  • Extended password mask significantly reduces recovery time with a custom symbol substitution feature (?)
  • Password mutation rules (change capitalization, combine words, delete/replace symbols, etc.) with dictionary attacks (?)
  • Graphic Rules Editor makes it easy to create and alter password mutation rules (?)
  • Automatic recovery pause option – continue recovery where you left off
  • Command line interface for remote administration
  • Easy-to-use graphic interface
  • Fully compatible with Windows 8/7 and earlier versions of Windows

Demo Version

Try out all of Passcovery Suite’s powerful features (including recovery of PDF passwords) in the free demo version, available for 64-bit and 86-bit Windows operating systems.

Demo Version Limitations:

  • Shows only the first 2 symbols of the recovered password
  • Recovery time limited to 30 minutes
  • No recovery pause option
  • Only runs on a single GPU device

Download Free Demo Version


Buy a Passcovery Suite license to remove all limitations. The cost of a license depends on which features you choose:

A Passcovery Suite license gives you:

  • Unlimited features
  • Free updates for one year
  • Free tech support

We offer flexible payment options for both corporate and home users. Learn more on our order page.