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Passcovery Support

We are using an online help desk service. So you can always contact our team here at this website. The online support system ensures that all messages are promptly received. And it allows our users to monitor the status of their tickets.

Submit a new ticket or use the number of a previously opened ticket to check its status.

Each ticket submitted to the Help Desk Service is assigned a unique reference number and each message from either your or our side is duplicated in the form of a letter sent to the email address specified by you.

* Help Desk response time depends on the current workload, complexity of the issue and the local time. Normally our support team respond within 24 hours from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and holidays.

Passcovery Product Support

Extra information about Passcovery products

Answers in Passcovery Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Before contacting our team please try to search the FAQs in our Knowledge Base, read the articles on Passcovery products and application instructions.

Video Tutorial

Watch our highly informative and illustrative videos on how to use Passcovery software tools and their features on our YouTube channel.

Passcovery YouTube channel
Passcovery User Manuals

User Manuals

The official user manuals contain a full description, technical details, and user instructions.

Go to User Manuals

Should you have any questions about Passcovery products, please contact our Help Desk. We are always ready to help you.

Customer Feedback

I've used numerous password recovery programs in my career of 30+ years but Accent OFFICE Password Recovery application is by far the best one I've used. Most people don't want to spend the time to brute force the password, they just want to get in and either open the document or un-protect it. You can always change the password afterwords.

I was surprised at how fast it worked and especially that it allowed me to un-protect.

Great product that really works from a company that actually followed up to make sure I didn't have any issues.

I give you an A++++++ for product value and an A++++++++++++++++++++++ for customer support.

– about Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

Very effective. I had a RAR file with a 6 character password. Told software to select method automatically. Found password inside 5 minutes!

– about Accent RAR Password Recovery

Great to have helpful and responsive support.
I kept getting "incorrect password" for my iTunes backup. So I used the online form to contact support team. They responded swiftly and turned out really HELPFUL.
Passcovery team are always ready to help WHERE EVER YOU ARE.

– about Passcovery Suite