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Recovery of TrueCrypt Passwords

Effective solution to recover TrueCrypt passwords

Passcovery presents its software product that demonstrates high-speed password searching, supports GPU acceleration on graphics cards and features flexible options for range customization

Passcovery Suite, 23.03

Passcovery Technologies

Data protection in TrueCrypt volumes is based on various combinations of secure hashing algorithms (RIPEMD-160, SHA-512, Whirlpool) and encryption algorithms (AES, Serpent, Twofish). That makes the process of TrueCrypt password recovery longer and more complicated.

Passcovery Suite employ all their features to ensure successful recovery of passwords

High-Speed Performance

Passcovery programs demonstrate probably the highest speed of brute force for all combinations of hashing/encryption algorithms

GPU Acceleration

Password recovery is essentially a brute force attack. Passcovery programs run brute force attack more efficiently by engaging NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards

Range Customization

Reducing the number of passwords to try gives an additional time saving effect Passcovery solutions give you several such options to manipulate the range

Extended Mask

Using the extended mask attack you can define the range of all possible characters for each individual position in the password

Mutation and Blending of Dictionaries

The option allows you to combine up to four dictionaries and change the generated passwords according to your customized mutation rules

Configurable Attack Scenarios

Combine various attacks with customized settings and run them as one workflow

Precise selection of likely passwords and their testing at the maximum possible speed is the key to successful recovery of lost passwords to TrueCrypt volumes within reasonable time.

All these are the features of Passcovery Suite

Passcovery Suite: List of Main Features

  • Passcovery Suite
  • Supporting Apple iOS backup 4.x-13.x

  • Supporting Microsoft Office 6-2021

  • Supporting OpenOffice 1.1-4.x и LibreOffice 3.3b-7.x

  • Supporting Adobe PDF

  • Supporting RAR3/RAR5

  • Supporting Zip/WinZip

  • Supporting TrueCrypt

  • Supporting WPA/WPA2

  • GPU acceleration on NVIDIA/AMD graphics cards

  • Range Customization Option

  • License Fee

  • starting at 199$/first year