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Passcovery Tools for Business Use

The key to success of a company depends on how quickly it handles problems.

Passcovery presents programs for high-speed recovery of lost passwords of Microsoft Office/OpenOffice/LibreOffice and Adobe PDF documents, ZIP/RAR archives, Apple iOS/Blackberry backup files, TrueCrypt volumes and WPA/WPA2. The programs' interface is so easy you can start using them right away.

Why Choosing Passcovery Programs

  • automatic password recovery mode
  • supporting all versions of Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, Zip/WinZip and RAR/WinRAR archives, TrueCrypt volumes
  • instant recovery of passwords of Microsoft Excel/Word and Adobe PDF files with simple protection
  • time-saving tool: guaranteed high-speed performance on all AMD and Intel CPUs
  • accelerating on NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards and boosting the password recovery process

Programs for Corporate Users

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice documents

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Accent RAR Password Recovery

to recover lost passwords of RAR/WinRAR archives

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Accent ZIP Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Zip and WinZip files

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Accent PDF Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Adobe PDF files of all versions

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Passcovery Suite

to recover passwords of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Adobe PDF documents, Zip and RAR archives, Apple iOS and Blackberry OS backup files, TrueCrypt volumes, and WPA/WPA2 "handshakes"

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The GPU computing technology implemented in Passcovery programs allows you to use maximum CPU power of a modern computer. The implemented technology significantly boosts recovery of passwords of files of various formats and versions.