RAR password recovery

Of all formats, passwords to RAR 3.x/5.x archives are one of the toughest nuts to crack. Nonetheless, Passcovery Suite uses both CPU and GPU resources to open these files too.

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for RAR/WinRAR

Encryption / Version Password to Access
Rar Previously (RAR - RAR 2.x) -
AES (WinRAR 3.x - 5.x) G
Zip Classic (ZIP 2.0), Standard (stored, deflate, deflate64) C/G*
Classic (ZIP 2.0), Standard (PPMd, WavPack, etc.) -
AES (WinZip 9+), Standard (stored, deflate, deflate64) C/G
AES (WinZip 9+), Standard (PPMd, WavPack, etc.) C/G
*) Classic ZIP encryption can be accelerated with NVIDIA or AMD 5XXX and above GPUs.

RAR 2.x encryption

The current version of Passcovery Suite does not support this format because it is used very rarely.

AES encryption (WinRAR 3.x - 5.x)

The new RAR3 / RAR5 archive format is more resilient than previous version. Beginning with WinRAR 3.x, the program now uses AES encryption in tandem with hundreds of hash iterations. This makes brute-forcing passwords much slower. This archive format is now one of the toughest to penetrate.

Passcovery Suite supports the current version of the RAR3/RAR5 format and recovers passwords for opening RAR files with maximum possible performance – both at the CPU level and on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

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