Recover Microsoft Office / OpenOffice passwords

Microsoft Office applications use different types of protection which have different degrees of resiliency to password recovery attacks. Passcovery Suite can crack most types of protection for all versions of Microsoft Office. For simple types of protection, passwords can be found or removed instantly. For more complex types, our high-speed recovery methods minimize waiting time.

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Passcovery Suite supports all versions of Microsoft Office / OpenOffice and has a proven track record of success in recovering lost passwords for all Microsoft Office/OpenOffice documents.

for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice

Version: Password to open: Password to modify: VBA password:
MS Access 6.0 •* - •*
97-2003 •* - •*
2007 C - -
2010 G - -
MS Excel 2-5 •* - -
6-95 •* •* •*
97-2003 C/RT •* •*
2007-2021 G •* •*
MS PowerPoint XP-2003 C •* -
2007-2021 G •* •*
MS Word 2-5 •* - -
6-95 •* •* •*
97-2003 C/RT •* •*
2007-2021 G •* •*
OpenOffice 1.1-4.x G - -
LibreOffice 3.3b-7.x G - -
•* - instant recovery   C - CPU recovery   RT - rainbow tables   G - GPU recovery   - - not supported

Microsoft Access

Passwords for opening and accessing VBA projects in MS Access 95-2003 can be found instantly. The level of protection for this format is rather low.

Microsoft Excel

Depending on the version of a specific Excel file, recovering the password can take different amounts of time.

The protection in documents saved by Microsoft Excel 6–95 is weak: passwords can be recovered instantly. Retrieving passwords for Excel 97–2003 files requires more intensive searching, so a GPU is necessary to speed up the process. Microsoft Excel 97–2003 documents that require a password to open can be opened in an instant.

However, the level of protection increased dramatically in Microsoft Excel 2007–2013. These documents are not as simple to retrieve. Fortunately, searching can be performed on a graphics card, requiring just a fraction of the time.

Passwords for protecting pages and making changes can be found instantly. The algorithm is such that a working recovered password may not necessarily be the same as the original password that was used.

VBA macros are an open book: access passwords for VBA projects can be found (or removed) instantly.

Microsoft PowerPoint / Microsoft Word

Passwords for opening these documents work very similarly to the passwords for Microsoft Excel.

No matter how complex the password, passwords against making changes can be removed or deleted instantly. This goes for VBA passwords as well.

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