Apple iOS backup password recovery

Passcovery Suite can recover lost backup passwords for Apple devices running iOS 4.x - 10.2+, including iPods, iPhones and iPads. Recovery speed is significantly boosted on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards.

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Advantages of Passcovery Suite

  • Maximum recovery speed. Always get top speeds on any computer with an Intel or AMD processor
  • GPU acceleration. Speed up recovery of iPhone/iPad backup passwords even further with graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA
  • Perfect for beginners. Pre-defined scenarios make it easy to get started
  • Advanced tools for professionals. Unique options for flexible control of tested values
  • Wide range of supported formats. Recovers Apple iOS backup passwords for iPhone/iPad/iPod and other popular formats in a single application (complete list)

Supported Apple iOS / BlackBerry OS

Version: Password to Access
Apple iOS Backup 4.x - 10.1 C/G
10.2 - 13.x C/G
BlackBerry OS Backup 5.x C/G (NVIDIA only)
6.x C/G

Passcovery Suite is the universal password recovery tool. The software supports a surprising array of formats (not just backup passwords for the Apple iOS), provides unique search controls, and offers unmatched recovery speeds on any modern computer.

And with Passcovery’s simple user interface (choose between the clean graphic interface and the minimalist command line interface), it’s easy to recovery iPhone/iPad backup passwords.

Passcovery Suite Features

  • Support for a wide range of popular formats (Apple iOS/BlackBerry OS, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Adobe PDF, Zip, Rar, TrueCrypt, WPA/WPA2 — complete list)
  • Three types of attack: brute force, mask and dictionary
  • Automated recovery using pre-defined scenarios
  • Dictionary attack can be modified with password mutation rules
  • Recovers passwords using GPU computing on AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards
  • Clean graphic interface for easy management
  • Command line interface for remote administration
  • Complete compatibility with Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows

Recovery Speeds

Passcovery Suite runs lightning-fast on any CPU or GPU, guaranteeing recovery of iPhone/iPad backup passwords in the shortest time possible.

Whenever possible, Passcovery Suite saves time by leveraging the computer’s graphics card(s) (for Zip/Rar/Apple iOS/BB/TrueCrypt/Office passwords). Graphics cards can boost recovery speeds by a factor of more than ten, even when compared to the best CPUs (find out why).

Passcovery Suite runs on all AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

GPU Compatibility

The software is compatible with AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards supported by NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream/OpenCL technology. In other words, Passcovery Suite runs on all modern AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

Variety of Attacks

Passcovery Suite supports three types of attack: brute force, mask and dictionary. Each type of attack has its pros and cons (learn more). Since recovery of hard-to-crack passwords is typically a time-consuming process, it usually makes sense to use a dictionary attack when recovering iPhone/iPad backup passwords.

Flexible Settings

Passcovery Suite lets you save time by manipulating the range of tested values.

With user-defined scenarios, support for a macrolanguage to develop mutation rules for dictionary attacks, and the option of using command line interface, Passcovery Suite is a powerful tool for professionals.

For beginners, Passcovery Suite has pre-defined scenarios for automatic recovery of iPhone/iPad backup passwords.

Automated Password Recovery

Special feature for beginners. The software evaluates your computer’s configuration and resources and chooses a scenario that balances the number of password sets tested with the amount of time required for recovery.

User-Defined Scenarios

Special feature for professionals. Create your own scenario for recovering iPhone/iPad backup passwords. The scenario can set password parameters and the sequence of attacks, as well as limit the range of values tested. Passcovery Suite recovers passwords using your defined rules in the shortest time possible.


Special feature for professionals. The software’s built-in macrolanguage lets you develop password mutation rules for dictionary attacks. With this powerful tool, you can change how a password is spelled, add words and symbols, combine passwords from multiple dictionaries, and much more. Tricky passwords like “pas55word” or “VeryStrongPassword1234” can be recovered much faster using mutations.

Supports a Range of Formats

Passcovery Suite does more than recovery backup passwords for iPhones and iPads. It’s the only tool on the market that supports all these formats:

Try Before you Buy

Try all the features of Passcovery Suite (including recovery of iPhone/iPad backup passwords) before purchasing the program. Download the demo version of Passcovery Suite for free.

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Buy a Passcovery Suite license to remove all limitations. The cost of a license depends on which features you choose:

A Passcovery Suite license gives you:

  • Unlimited features
  • Free updates for one year
  • Free tech support

We offer flexible payment options for both corporate and home users. Learn more on our order page.