Passcovery Suite 3.7 is a comprehensive all-in-one solution that ensures high-speed password recovery for many popular formats

Passcovery announces the release of Passcovery Suite 3.7 – a professional tool to recover passwords of popular file formats with advanced capabilities on AMD/NVIDIA video cards.

The new product's key features have been improved:

  • support for formats with strong protection
  • GPU acceleration
  • flexible range customization options

Check out the new Passcovery Suite – a free demo version is available on the Passcovery website.

Download Passcovery Suite 3.7 Demo Read the License Terms

The free demo version has no restrictions as to the speed of password scanning and offers full-blown range customization functionality. The demo version employs one GPU device in the system and displays only the first two characters of the found password.

Wide Range of Formats

Passcovery Suite is a comprehensive solution to recover passwords to popular file formats. Passcovery Suite runs with GPU acceleration on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards and supports wide options for range customization that helps complete the search in the shortest possible time.

Supported formats and GPU acceleration:

for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice

Version: Password to open: Password to modify: VBA password:
MS Access 6.0 •* - •*
97-2003 •* - •*
2007 C - -
2010 G - -
MS Excel 2-5 •* - -
6-95 •* •* •*
97-2003 C/RT •* •*
2007-2021 G •* •*
MS PowerPoint XP-2003 C •* -
2007-2021 G •* •*
MS Word 2-5 •* - -
6-95 •* •* •*
97-2003 C/RT •* •*
2007-2021 G •* •*
OpenOffice 1.1-4.x G - -
LibreOffice 3.3b-7.x G - -
•* - instant recovery   C - CPU recovery   RT - rainbow tables   G - GPU recovery   - - not supported

for Adobe PDF

Encryption / Version Document open password (User password) Permissions password (Master password) Encryption key searching
Adobe PDF Acrobat 2-4 (RC4 40-bit) C•*C/RT
Acrobat 5-8 (RC4 128-bit, AES-128) G•*-
Acrobat 9-DC (AES-256) C•*-
•* - instant recovery   C - CPU recovery   RT - rainbow tables   G - GPU recovery   - - not supported

for RAR/WinRAR

Encryption / Version Password to Access
Rar Previously (RAR - RAR 2.x) -
AES (WinRAR 3.x - 5.x) G
Zip Classic (ZIP 2.0), Standard (stored, deflate, deflate64) C/G*
Classic (ZIP 2.0), Standard (PPMd, WavPack, etc.) -
AES (WinZip 9+), Standard (stored, deflate, deflate64) C/G
AES (WinZip 9+), Standard (PPMd, WavPack, etc.) C/G
*) Classic ZIP encryption can be accelerated with NVIDIA or AMD 5XXX and above GPUs.

Supported Apple iOS / BlackBerry OS

Version: Password to Access
Apple iOS Backup 4.x - 10.1 C/G
10.2 - 13.x C/G
BlackBerry OS Backup 5.x C/G (NVIDIA only)
6.x C/G

Passcovery Suite for TrueCrypt Volumes

Encryption / Hashing Password to Access
TrueCrypt, 7.x AES, (RIPEMD-160, SHA-512, Whirlpool) C/G
Twofish, (RIPEMD-160, SHA-512, Whirlpool) C/G
Serpent, (RIPEMD-160, SHA-512, Whirlpool) C/G

Supported WPA/WPA2 Handshakes Hash Algorithms

Hashing algorithms Password to Access

Download Passcovery Suite 3.7 Demo Read the License Terms