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Passcovery Programs for Password Recovery, version 22.01: Windows 11, Microsoft Office 2021, and AMD APUs and GPUs

Passcovery has been globally updated for the quicker recovery of lost passwords. We've introduced compatibility for operating systems, various formats, and APUs/GPUs from AMD.

Passcovery software with GPU acceleration to recover passwords

What's new for Passcovery programs (January, 2022):

  • Added support for files created in Microsoft Office 2021;
  • Improved interoperability with new AMD APUs and GPUs;
  • Tested compatibility with the new Windows 11;
  • Made some improvements to program modules.

Version 22.01 introduces a new Passcovery program index

January update changes:

Support for Microsoft Office 2021

We provide a comprehensive range of programs for recovering passwords to files created with Microsoft Office applications. These include simple one-format solutions for Microsoft Excel and Word, a universal solution for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice, and our flagship, the all-in-one product: Passcovery Suite.

All of these programs have received support for the new version of Microsoft Office 2021.

Password recovery on the new AMD APUs/GPUs

We're particularly proud of the new high-speed password recovery capabilities on CPUs, GPUs, and APUs. To achieve this, we perform clockwise ASM optimizations of critical code sections, create and integrate many separate models that consider your system's CPU/GPU/APU architecture, and "squeeze" the maximum performance possible out of it.

Currently, we're improving Radeon™ Vega graphics interactions in current AMD APUs and GPUs, and significantly boosting password search speeds in applications that support GPU acceleration.

MS Office password brute-forcing on AMD Ryzen 5 5600G APU more than triple
As an example, Instances of Office password brute-forcing on AMD Ryzen 5 5600G APUs increased more than 3 times, from 3K+ passwords per second to 30K+ per second.
This data was obtained in the Passcovery Suite "Performance Test".

Compatibility with Windows 11

In 1999, we released the first versions of our software. Ever since, we've been striving to offer the best Windows solutions for effective password recovery. That's why we pay special attention to the stability of our heavyweight applications on all versions of Windows.

The updated versions have been tested and are fully compatible with Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

Accent RAR Password Recovery 22.01 stress test on Windows 11
RAR password recovery stress test in Accent RAR Password Recovery 22.01 on Windows 11.

Demo versions of Passcovery programs

Try a free demo of current versions of Passcovery programs. Password search speed (for one GPU system) and basic functionality aren’t limited in demo versions. All demos are available on the company's website:

Free Download for Windows

32/64 bit versions of Passcovery programs are made available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and their server analogues.

Passcovery Password Recovery Products

Passcovery Suite

to recover passwords of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Adobe PDF documents, Zip and RAR archives, Apple iOS and Blackberry OS backup files, TrueCrypt volumes, and WPA/WPA2 "handshakes"

read and download

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice documents

read and download

Accent PDF Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Adobe PDF files of all versions

read and download

Accent RAR Password Recovery

to recover lost passwords of RAR/WinRAR archives

read and download

Accent ZIP Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Zip and WinZip files

read and download

Accent EXCEL Password Recovery

for recovery of passwords of Microsoft Excel 6-2021 spreadsheets

read and download

Accent WORD Password Recovery

for recovery of passwords of Microsoft Word 6-2021 documents

read and download

Customer Feedback

The app worked perfectly and we got our forgotten password again!

– about Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

Does what it says on the tin.

– about Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I stupidly password protected a document without keeping a copy that wasn't protected and no one in the family could remember the password. Passcovery broke the password for me - this document represented endless hours of work by my daughter in law and me. Thank you so much.

– about Accent WORD Password Recovery