The January update of Passcovery’s password recovery tools

Updated products

The following Passcovery products were updated:

What’s new

The following things have changed in all new versions of Passcovery software tools:

  • + Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX970/980 video cards (based on the Maxwell architecture)
  • + Added caching of recovered passwords to open
  • + Removed limitations on built-in scenario execution time
  • ! Fixed minor internal errors

Support for NVIDIA GTX 970/980 video cards

To enable support for the latest video cards, we added new modules to all of our software tools. Now our products support the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/980 video card based on the Maxwell architecture.

Video cards based on that architecture probably are the best hardware for solving password recovery problems. They provide high performance, stable operation, and energy efficiency.

So we are proud that now Passcovery software products support them.

Extended capabilities of the trial version

Strong password caching. Strong password recovery takes some time, and the user may need to interrupt the process before its completion. Because the trial version lacks the ability to save password search status (which would allow the user to continue password search later), we added the ability to save found passwords in all our products.

Now, if the trial version successfully finds a password, it will be saved (cached). If the user buys the license for that product, it will display all earlier-found passwords as soon as launched. It means that now the user won’t have to repeat the whole password recovery process after purchasing our software.

Complete execution of built-in scenarios. All of our software tools can recover strong passwords by using built-in or custom scenarios.

The previous trial versions had a 30-minute limit on scenario execution. The latest trial versions do not have this time limit, so password search can go on as long as necessary.

Thanks to this welcome change, the user can try out all capabilities of our software products before buying them.

Discount 5%

Throughout January 2015, we offer the opportunity to buy Passcovery products with a 5-percent discount by using this coupon:


To get a discount, please use the coupon on the license payment page, or just follow the link.

Press-Release: Recover passwords for different files using the power of AMD or NVIDIA video cards with Passcovery Suite 3.1.

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