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Recover Passwords for Different Files Using the Power of AMD or NVIDIA Video Cards with Passcovery Suite 3.1.

Passcovery Suite - Professional GPU Password Recovery Saint-Petersburg, Russia – January 5, 2015. Passcovery announces the update of the whole line of its password recovery products that enable GPU-accelerated password search on AMD/NVIDIA video cards. All updated tools support the latest NVIDIA video cards based on the Maxwell architecture (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/980). The free trial versions now allow the user to try out all capabilities of the respective products before buying them.

Passcovery, a Russia-based company that supplies professional solutions for password search and recovery, announces the update of the whole line of its products that support GPU acceleration on NVIDIA/AMD video cards:

  • Accent OFFICE Password Recovery for Microsoft Office / OpenOffice
  • Accent RAR Password Recovery for Rar archives
  • Accent ZIP Password Recovery for Zip/WinZip archives
  • Passcovery Suite for different file formats

As expected, the updated products better meet users’ needs. Now all of them support the latest NVIDIA video cards based on the Maxwell architecture (GeForce GTX 970/980 video cards). The free trial versions allow the user to try out all capabilities of the respective products before buying them.

Support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX970/980 video cards based on the Maxwell architecture

The NVIDIA Maxwell architecture turned out to be very suitable for solving password recovery problems. Video cards based on this architecture provide high performance, stable operation, and excellent temperature factors.

Passcovery products can fully utilize the power of the latest NVIDIA cards and enable very fast password search for all file formats that allow using GPU acceleration.

Extended capabilities of the trial versions

Now the trial versions of all Passcovery password recovery tools have extended capabilities: They can cache recovered passwords and have no time limit on execution of the built-in scenarios.

If the trial version successfully finds a password, it will be saved (cached). When the user buys the license, there will be no need to do the same password search again. This welcome change, together with the ability to complete the execution of the built-in scenarios, allows the user to try out all capabilities of Passcovery products before buying them.

Formats Supported

Passcovery Suite offers a single interface for working with a wide range of formats. See the table below for a full list of supported formats:

Passcovery Suite GPU Password Recovery. Supported Formats

GPU Password Recovery

Serious users want a password recovery solution that boosts speeds with GPU computing. After all, graphics cards offer explosive acceleration when compared to any CPU on the market today.

Because they feature a huge number of flow processors, modern graphics cards can perform hundreds of similar operations simultaneously, boosting password recovery speed by a factor of ten or more. That explains how GPU computing delivers the accelerated speeds that are vital to password recovery.

About the Passcovery Suite

Passcovery Suite is a professional password recovery tool that runs at lightning-fast speeds on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards. The software supports a wide range of formats: Microsoft Office/ OpenOffice/ Adobe PDF documents, Zip/Rar archives, Apple iOS/Blackberry reserve copies, TrueCrypt volumes and WPA/WPA2 handshakes.

Passcovery Suite also leverages rainbow table technology to decrypt Microsoft Office documents with 40-bit encryption (Microsoft Office 97-2003).

About the Company

Passcovery Co. Ltd. is a provider of high-speed, professional software solutions for password recovery, which also support GPU acceleration on AMD and NVIDIA video cards. The earliest versions of these software products were released in 1999. Now the applications are successfully used by governmental bodies, investigation agencies, corporations, private businesses, and home users all over the world.

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