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Passcovery Update 23.03 Is Out Now: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40/AMD RX 7000, Advanced GPU Acceleration And Other Benefits

The new release brings an updated line of Windows programs for password recovery supporting GPU acceleration. What has been added is support for the latest families of graphics cards, improved password recovery on the highest end GPUs and boosted brute force attack on passwords with SHA512 encryption algorithms.

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GPU-accelerated Passcovery programs for password recovery

What's New In The Passcovery Release 23.03 (March 2023):

  • Supporting NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 family of video cards (Ada Lovelace architecture)
  • Supporting GPU and APU of AMD Radeon™ RX 7000 series (RDNA™ 3 architecture)
  • Improved compatibility with the highest end (maximum performance) GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA
  • Increased speed of brute-force attack on password using SHA512 algorithm
  • AMD graphics cards with VLIW architecture are no longer supported
  • Reduced range of 32-bit Windows distributions

As you know, a lost strong password can be a real pain in the neck. Recovery of such a password always takes a brute force attack, that is direct searching among all possible combinations. The more sophisticated a protection algorithm is, the stronger the password, and the longer it would take to find it.

To save time, it is necessary to enable GPU acceleration and customize the range of passwords by cutting off unnecessary checks.

The reason we recommend Passcovery products is that they all have that functionality.

Passcovery Software Suite 23.03

Support NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 And AMD RX 7000 Graphics Cards

A typical feature of many protection algorithms is that they can be split into simple factions and spread across multiple data flows to enable parallel computing. The concept is amazingly compatible with operation principle of graphics cards that exploit a huge number of stream processors and run at a high clock speed. By continuously loading a GPU with the required calculations, you can greatly increase the speed of password recovery. This is what we call GPU acceleration.

In our GPU rating, we evaluate performance of a graphics card based on the number of stream processors and the clock speed in normal operation mode (due to constant 100% workload and overheating, peak frequency values are time-limited). And the latest GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD are looking like supercars – inspiring and promising.

Ever wondered what it's like to drive a supercar? Passcovery update 23.03 is now supporting NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 and AMD RX 7000 offering you the programs to set new speed records while brute forcing lost passwords.

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Improved Password Recovery On High-Performance GPUs

GPU computing is an important, but not the main part of computing in the password recovery process. It is the CPU that performs load balancing, process timing and interfacing of all computations. What the speed of password recovery depends is the accuracy and efficiency of the entire scope of these operations.

Top GPUs perform a huge number of calculations in a short time. However it is advisable to keep the idle time to the minimum.

Passcovery update 23.03 comes with a deeply optimized and tweaked algorithms. As a result the interface between CPU and GPU has been improved, load balancing has been enhanced and the downtime much reduced. What you get is a considerable increase in the speed of brute-force attack accelerated on the top graphics cards.

Passcovery Suite 23.03. Speed indices for different formats
Speed comparisons for Passcovery Suite 23.03 and previous version

The speed increase can reach 100% depending on the file format and protection algorithms. Indeed, the speed gain is not the same for every protection algorithm due to the specifics of each one.

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Optimization Of SHA512 Algorithm

The new update has not only introduced major changes in the software as a whole but also minor improvements in the specific hashing and data encryption algorithms. Trying to optimize our solutions we are constantly looking deep into the latest algorithms, hardware specifications and nuances of compilers. What we do then is collect the research results, improve the source code, dive into low-level programming and optimize the assembler commands for each clock cycle of the processor. The result is guaranteed high speed of brute force attack in Passcovery programs.

The Passcovery 23.03 update boasts a honed code to handle the SHA512 hashing algorithm. The programs are additionally accelerated when searching passwords to files using that protection algorithm.

The SHA512 hashing algorithm is used for password protection in TrueCrypt volumes and Microsoft Office 2013-2021 documents. When it comes to brute force attacking this kind of files the speed gain may reach 80% depending on the version of a file format and configuration of the user's PC.

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Range Customization Options In Passcovery Programs

High speed of a brute force attack is an important but not the only pre-condition for fast recovery of strong passwords. Trying all possible passwords, no matter at what speed, will sure take a huge amount of time.

Your only chance to complete it within reasonable time is to have a flexible range manipulation tool in order to cut the range down to the most likely passwords.

Depending on the type of password attack, all Passcovery programs offer the following range customizations options:

With the retained functionality of earlier editions and with the added support for new powerful graphics cards and increased speed the Passcovery 23.03 update offers the best solution for effective recovery of lost passwords of files of popular formats.

Demo Versions Of Passcovery Programs

Try out our free demo versions from the Passcovery 23.03 release and enjoy the following benefits:

  • wide coverage of supported formats
  • high-speed of brute force attack on strong passwords
  • GPU acceleration on NVIDIA/AMD graphics cards
  • three password attacks: brute-force attack, extended mask attack, dictionary attack
  • supporting multilingual Unicode dictionaries used in dictionary attack
  • expert-level range customization options
  • auto-saving of an attack status which allows to resume a saved attack session
  • instant removal of simple passwords of Microsoft Excel/Word 6-2021 files
  • searches for short (40 bit) encryption keys and decrypts Microsoft Excel/Word 97-2003
  • supporting rainbow tables to enable high-speed decryption of Microsoft Excel/Word 97-2003 files
  • Windows interface, command-line interface
  • unified interface across all Passcovery products
  • interface localized into eight languages (see the video on switching between language)
  • well-balanced pricing policy

The demo versions have no restrictions on the speed of brute force attack (for one GPU in the system) and have general functionality.

All demos are available at the company's website:

Free Download for Windows

Passcovery programs are available in 32/64 bit versions for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 operating systems and their server editions.

Passcovery Software Products for Password Recovery

Passcovery Suite logo

Passcovery Suite

products to recover passwords of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Adobe PDF documents, Zip and RAR archives, Apple iOS and Blackberry OS backup files, TrueCrypt volumes, and WPA/WPA2 "handshakes"

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Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

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Accent PDF Password Recovery

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Accent RAR Password Recovery

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Accent ZIP Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Zip and WinZip files

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Accent EXCEL Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Microsoft Excel files of all versions (.xls/.xlsx)

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Accent WORD Password Recovery

to recover passwords of Microsoft Word files of all versions (.doc/.docx)

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Customer Feedback

The software is very powerful.

– about Passcovery Suite

Excellent, reliable and fast. I can recommend this Product to everyone.

– about Accent EXCEL Password Recovery

It's an amazing software, and the speed for rar file is much more faster than I've used ever before.

– about Accent RAR Password Recovery