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Password recovery programs from Passcovery version 20.09: NVIDIA, classic Zip, TrueCrypt, Microsoft Excel

We have implemented a global update of all Passcovery solutions to effectively recover lost passwords: we improved their functionality, increased GPU acceleration, and switched over to a new version numbering system.

Passcovery password recovery software

Here’s what’s new in Passcovery’s line of programs (September 2020):

  • Added support for GPU acceleration on the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30x0/Tesla graphics cards
  • Dramatically increased the speed of brute-force password attacks on NVIDIA graphics cards for Zip archives with classic encryption and TrueCrypt volumes
  • Improved the general stability of GPU acceleration on high-performance NVIDIA graphics cards from earlier generations
  • Changed the rules for instant selection of collision passwords to protect Microsoft Excel 97-2003 spreadsheets
  • Made improvements to the algorithms for all software modules

A unified version of Passcovery programs:

With the September 2020 update, we launched a new version numbering system, and the entire Passcovery program line now has a unified index:

NVIDIA GPU 30x0 for password recovery

All Passcovery programs that use GPU acceleration to recover passwords are supported by sm_80/sm_86 /Ampere architecture and are compatible with the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30x0/Tesla graphics cards.

NVIDIA GPU 5X to 8X GPU Acceleration for Classic Zip

Experimental studies of clock signals between CPU and GPU have led to a breakthrough in GPU acceleration on NVIDIA graphics cards with brute-force password attacks for Zip archives with classic encryption. Passcovery Suite and Accent ZIP Password Recovery are now 5-8 times faster when working with this file format.

Speed of brute-force password attacks for Zip archives with classic encryption in Passcovery Suite
For example, brute-force Zip password attacks on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics cards rose from 669 million passwords per second to 3 billion 401 million per second – that’s more than five times faster.

The speed of password searches also increased for TrueCrypt PBKDF2/Whirlpool /AES volumes (~ 30%) and Microsoft Office 2007-2019 (~ 4%).

Data obtained from Passcovery Suite “Benchmark”.

Clear password collisions for Microsoft Excel 97-2003 spreadsheets

Passcovery programs that are used to recover passwords for Microsoft Excel files instantly find passwords that coincide (known as collisions) for Microsoft Excel 97-2003 spreadsheets. In the new versions of Passcovery Suite, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, and Accent EXCEL Password Recovery, passwords have become clearer and easier to copy. They’re always well-known words with no special characters.

Instant search for coinciding passwords to protect Excel spreadsheets in Passcovery Suite
For example, it’s possible to instantly find easy-to-read passwords (collisions) for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in Passcovery programs.

Internal optimization of the source code

Frequent tests of the source code’s internal optimization allow us to improve all software modules for our programs, open new horizons in password recovery efficiency, and increase the overall stability of Passcovery solutions.

Demo versions of Passcovery programs

Try a free demo of current versions of Passcovery programs. Password search speed (for one GPU system) and basic functionality aren’t limited in demo versions. All demos are available on the company's website:

Free Download for Windows

32/64 bit versions of Passcovery programs are made available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and their server analogues.

Customer Feedback

Very effective. I had a RAR file with a 6 character password. Told software to select method automatically. Found password inside 5 minutes!

– about Accent RAR Password Recovery

It's an amazing software, and the speed for rar file is much more faster than I've used ever before.

– about Accent RAR Password Recovery

I think this is a very efficient product.

– about Accent RAR Password Recovery