Passcovery Suite 3.5: passwords for Apple iOS 10.2, processing on NVIDIA Tesla and some more…

We have updated our flagman product — download Passcovery Suite 3.5. New release is extended with new options, improved and debugged.

Major improvements in Passcovery Suite 3.5:

  • Support of Apple iOS 10.2 backup files. Despite dramatic slowdown in the rate of backup file password recovery which began with the release of Apple iOS 10.2+, Passcovery Suite is steadily demonstrating higher rate of password retrieval compared to its competitors
  • Support of GPU-enabled processing on NVIDIA GP100 and NVIDIA GK210. Accelerated password recovery is now available to the users of professional GPUs such as NVIDIA Tesla P100 and NVIDIA Tesla K80
  • Instant removal of passwords from weakly-protected Microsoft Excel/Word 2013-2016 files. Improved scenarios of handling popular office file formats provide extended functionality of Passcovery Suite and enable it to instantly solve the problem of lost passwords
  • Accelerated recovery of passwords for ZIP files with classic encryption. Processing and extra optimization of source code guarantees accelerated password testing rate up to 30% provided that 64-bit version of program is used

Free trials for Windows x86/x64 are available at Passcovery website.

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Press-Release: Passcovery has released an update of its professional password recovery solution — Passcovery Suite 3.5