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Passcovery has released an update of its professional password recovery solution — Passcovery Suite 3.5

Passcovery Suite - Professional GPU Password Recovery Saint-Petersburg, Russia – (June 27, 2017) – Passcovery Co. Ltd., one of the leading providers of software products for password recovery supporting most of the popular file formats as well as AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards, has released a new edition of its flagman solution. Passcovery Suite 3.5 offers new functionality and extended number of supported GPUs.

Major improvements in Passcovery Suite 3.5:

  • Support of Apple iOS 10.2 backup files. Despite dramatic slowdown in the rate of backup file password recovery which began with the release of Apple iOS 10.2+, Passcovery Suite is steadily demonstrating higher rate of password retrieval compared to its competitors
  • Support of GPU-enabled processing on NVIDIA GP100 and NVIDIA GK210. Accelerated password recovery is now available to the users of professional GPUs such as NVIDIA Tesla P100 and NVIDIA Tesla K80
  • Instant removal of passwords from weakly-protected Microsoft Excel/Word 2013-2016 files. Improved scenarios of handling popular office file formats provide extended functionality of Passcovery Suite and enable it to instantly solve the problem of lost passwords
  • Accelerated recovery of passwords for ZIP files with classic encryption. Processing and extra optimization of source code guarantees accelerated password testing rate up to 30% provided that 64-bit version of program is used

Along with the major upgrade Passcovery Suite features some minor improvements, modifications and corrections. Many ideas for improvement came with the feedback from our users from various countries of the world.

“There will always be the problem of lost passwords — and it is going to remain relevant for all categories of users”, — says Denis Gladysh, General Director at Passcovery, — “Somebody may forget their password for a private file, a company may get sabotaged by a dishonest employee, or law-enforcement agencies may need to get access to password-protected data. Passcovery Suite always guarantees high speed of password retrieval process. We take an almost fanatical approach to the job of optimizing the source code to get the most of each CPU cycle in order to improve computer performance and enable it to recover passwords within the shortest time possible.”

About Passcovery Suite

Passcovery Suite is created for high-speed recovery of passwords for most of the popular file formats and also supports processing on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards.

Passcovery Suite recovers passwords for:

  • Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Adobe PDF documents
  • Zip, Rar archives
  • Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS backups
  • TrueCrypt volumes
  • WPA/WPA2 handshake files

Apart from guaranteed top speed while testing strong passwords Passcovery Suite offers various options to adjust the search range: extended mask, dictionary mutations, processing scenarios. All these features significantly reduce the time needed to retrieve a lost password.

Instant decryption of files, recovery or removal of passwords from files with weak protection.

Also, Passcovery Suite is an embodied technical process using rainbow tables to decrypt Microsoft Office/Adobe PDF documents that have 40-bit encryption (Microsoft Office 97-2003/Adobe Acrobat 2-4).

Trial version of Passcovery Suite is available at the company website in two editions – 32-bit and 64-bit Windows version of program.

About Passcovery

Established in 2008 the company Passcovery was reorganized in 2011 as it gained the possibility to offer high-speed solutions for password recovery on AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards. Today the products of Passcovery are used by home users and corporate clients as well as state agencies and law-enforcement organizations all over the world. The Passcovery Co. Ltd. headquarters and software development department are located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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