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New versions of Passcovery password recovery solutions are out now

Passcovery released upgraded versions of GPU-accelerated password recovery solutions:

Passcovery password recovery software

What's new:

  • ☑ fully supported GPU acceleration on AMD RDNA graphics cards (Radeon RX 5000 series)
  • ☑ Microsoft Office 2010/2013 mixed format is now supported
  • ☑ enhanced stability of GPU acceleration on NVIDIA graphics cards
  • ☑ improved internal structure of the program code
  • ☑ other minor improvements

Get a free trial version of Passcovery software and recover your lost password:

Customer Feedback

The best Excel password recovery software I evaluated. Super fast compared to other programs available and easy to use.

– about Accent EXCEL Password Recovery

Great to have helpful and responsive support.
I kept getting "incorrect password" for my iTunes backup. So I used the online form to contact support team. They responded swiftly and turned out really HELPFUL.
Passcovery team are always ready to help WHERE EVER YOU ARE.

– about Passcovery Suite

The software is very powerful.

– about Passcovery Suite