Passcovery Suite 1.0 beta 2 supports AMD GCN

The new beta-version has a brand new module responsible for AMD/ATI video card support. We decided not to use CAL/IL in favor of OpenCL, so Passcovery Suite now fully supports the AMD GCN architecture. This enabled us to increase the number of password types that can be recovered on new generation GPU’s.

New in Passcovery Suite 1.0 beta 2:

  • support of RAR 3.x passwords on AMD GPU’s with a new architecture (HD7970 and above)
  • support of Microsoft Office passwords on GPU’s with a AMD GCN architecture (HD7970 and above)
  • support of brute-force attacks on Zip archives on AMD 5XXX and newer GPU’s
  • added a possibility to backup the password recovery status file (.prs.bak)

We look forward to hearing back from anyone interested in getting the free beta version of Passcovery Suite. Please note that beta testing will last till the end of April.

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