Passcovery Suite 3.4. Now also for the AMD RX4x0

We have released Passcovery Suite 3.4 and report with pride the availability of high-speed password recovery for the entire AMD GCN videocard family. Our new product, highly optimized for speed, works on the GPU AMD RX4x0.

Password cracking rating of NVIDIA/AMD GPUs
The rating of AMD/NVIDIA video cards for password recovery

New Passcovery Suite 3.4 capabilities:

  • support for the entire AMD GCN videocard family (including the RX480)
  • support for 40-bit encryption key search for Office 97-2003 documents on AMD GCN videocards
  • increased password recovery speed for files with permanent protection ,when operating on the AMD GCN GPU (in particular for TrueCrypt volumes)

Free demo versions are available for Windows x86/x64 at Passcovery's site.

Press-Release: Passcovery Suite 3.4: Optimization of password recovery speed for AMD GCN videocards, despite AMD