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Passcovery Suite 3.4: Optimization of password recovery speed for AMD GCN videocards, despite AMD

Passcovery Suite - Профессиональное GPU Восстановление Паролей Saint-Petersburg, Russia – October 2016. The Passcovery company reports completion of the next round in its fight against AMD's demonic development environment for optimization and operational speed, and announces the expansion of support for AMD GCN videocards (including the RX480) in the new version of its flagship product for rapid password recovery — Passcovery Suite 3.4.

Developers of the Passcovery company, supplier of high-speed software for password recovery for files in popular formats, conducted immense work in studying the features of the AMD development environment, found a way to harness its whims, and learned how to use the power of AMD videocards for the entire GCN family.

The result is the release of a new version of the professional program for password search using videocards — Passcovery Suite 3.4.

With the Passcovery Suite release, high password recovery speed has become available for owners of AMD videocards of different generations of the GCN family, including the new AMD RX480.

“Actually, it was complex and painstaking work,” says Denis Gladysh, head of Passcovery. “For the AMD, this a lamentable tradition: the company releases a new generation of videocards with an attractive price and rather good characteristics, but with appalling developer support. In order to show everything that AMD videocards are capable of, we essentially had to create and optimize interaction modules for each generation of the GPU.

But as a result, we are satisfied: we were successful in setting down this puzzle, and users can be sure that with Passcovery Suite, the speed of recovery of resistant passwords on their AMD videocards may very well be the highest.

Including for backup files of the recently much-talked-about Apple iOS 10.”

Speed of password search for Apple iOS 10 backup

Research that has been conducted permitted not just expanding the range of supported GPUs, but also increasing the functionality of their use. For AMD GCN videocards, Passcovery Suite 3.4 shows:

  • 40-bit encryption key search for Microsoft Office 97-2003 documents
  • increased password recovery speed for files with permanent protection (in particular for TrueCrypt volumes)

The program is available in two options: for the Windows x86 and x64 platforms. Demo versions are offered on the company site. The cost of licenses depends on the number of supported videocards.

About Passcovery Suite

Passcovery Suite is a professional solution for password recovery on AMD/NVIDIA videocards with distinctive high-speed characteristics.

The program supports a large number of formats with permanent protection:

  • Microsoft Office/OpenOffice/Adobe PDF documents
  • Zip/Rar archives
  • Apple iOS/BlackBerry backups
  • TrueCrypt volumes
  • WPA/WPA2 handshakes

Also, Passcovery Suite is an embodied technical process using rainbow tables to decrypt Microsoft Office/Adobe PDF documents that have 40-bit encryption (Microsoft Office 97-2003/Adobe Acrobat 2-4).

About Passcovery

Passcovery is a supplier of high-speed professional software solutions for recovery of lost passwords, the first versions of which appeared in 1999. Today our solutions are successfully applied in investigational and state agencies, and in corporate and in-home sectors worldwide.

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