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Passcovery Suite 1.0: Just solve the lost password problem

May 2012. Passcovery Co. Ltd. announces a new comprehensive GPU-based recovery tool that solves the problem of lost passwords – Passcovery Suite 1.0. The program recovers passwords from files in a variety of formats (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Rar, Zip, Apple iOS backups, Blackberry Backups, TrueCrypt, WPA/WPA2) and demonstrates high recovery speeds on any CPU’s and GPU’s.

Recovery of access passwords for modern applications, documents and archives is a resource-intensive task. It requires time and may fail due to insufficiently powerful tools used for password recovery.

Passcovery Co. Ltd., a supplier of high-speed password recovery solutions, announces the release of Passcovery Suite 1.0 – a universal password recovery tool for professional use.

Passcovery Suite supports an impressive variety of formats and recovers passwords for:

  • Microsoft Office (all versions of Excel and Word, some versions of Access and PowerPoint)
  • OpenOffice (all versions of the format)
  • Zip archives (classic encryption and WinZip AES encryption)
  • RAR archives (3.x format)
  • Apple iOS 4.x/5.x backups (used in iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch and all versions of iPad)
  • BlackBerry 5.x/6.x backups (used in BB Curve, BB Bold, BB Torch, etc.)
  • TrueCrypt volumes (used for data encryption)
  • WPA/WPA2 handshakes (used for security purposes in Wi-Fi networks)

The recovery engine of the program is based on highly-optimized source code that takes account of the configuration of the user’s computer and ensures optimal password recovery performance. Passcovery Suite supports GPU computing technology and is equally efficient working in CPU and GPU modes (using AMD or NVIDIA video cards).

Apart from high performance, Passcovery Suite offers a number of features for flexible configuration of the scope of checked password combinations: an internal macro language and attack password attack scenarios.

Flexible configuration, speed of operation and the ability to utilize all system resources for breaking passwords helped even the early beta version of Passcovery Suite earn very positive feedback from IT industry professionals.

About Passcovery

Passcovery Co. Ltd. supplies high-speed, professional software solutions for recovering lost passwords. The first versions of these solutions were released in 1999. Today, the company’s software is successfully used by law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and private individuals around the world.

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